Leading Surgeon Discusses Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy

11 Apr 2016

Leading US cosmetic surgeon of The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Huntsville in Tennessee has this week revealed that one of the most common question he receives from women at his surgery who are contemplating surgery revolves around the issue of pregnancy. Namely, what effect can pregnancy have on breast augmentations (and vice versa).

The impact of breast augmentation and later becoming pregnant

Women who have gone through breast augmentation surgery are often concerned about what effect pregnancy can have on their breasts. Although the effects may differ in individual cases, generally they will gain breast volume during pregnancy but will also often experience a loss of volume after pregnancy according to Dr Durst. There may be drooping and a loss of elasticity in the skin too. Some women may decide on a follow-up breast augmentation although many may not experience too many problems and may be perfectly happy with the appearance of their breasts following pregnancy.

The effect of breast implants on the ability to breastfeed

Dr Durst states that where the breast augmentation incisions are placed are the key factor on the effect of breast implants on the ability to breastfeed. Normally, having breast implants does not pose a threat to being able to breastfeed, but only if the initial incisions have not affected or compromised the ducts that produce the breast milk in any way. He advises that any woman considering breast implants should talk to their surgeon about breastfeeding in the future so the ideal technique can be used during surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery and the ability to become pregnant

Tummy tuck surgery is often done in conjunction with breast augmentations and Dr Durst says that some women are concerned about the affect a tummy tuck could have on their chances of becoming pregnant. Dr Durst confirms that the surgery should not normally cause any complications and affect a healthy woman’s ability to become pregnant or deliver the baby successfully. However, he does warn that if a woman has had tummy tuck surgery before becoming pregnant then there may some aesthetic considerations. This is because the abdominal muscles may have been stretched significantly but any changes can usually be corrected by a second, post-pregnancy tummy tuck procedure.