Breast reduction surgery, otherwise known as mammoplasty, is a relatively common procedure, which serves to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. Women with disproportionately large breasts may experience discomfort in a number of ways, and a breast reduction can resolve many of these issues.

The procedure itself involves the removal of excess glandular tissue, fat and skin, and may sometimes involve repositioning of the nipples. It is performed under general anaesthetic and usually takes 2-5 hours.

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

Prices for breast reduction procedures can vary, but the average cost for a patient in the United Kingdom is between £3,000 and £6,500. There are a number of different factors that can impact upon this price, however, and it will largely depend on the clinic you opt for, their location, and individual requirements.

Factors That Affect the Cost

The exact cost of a breast reduction procedure will depend on a number of different factors and these include:

  • The clinic you choose;
  • The qualifications and experience of the surgeon;
  • The extent of the pre-op consultation and assessment services;
  • The extent of the after care services provided;
  • Whether additional procedures (e.g. breast lift) are required;
  • Your chosen payment plan.

What Finance Packages Are Available?

In terms of finance packages, the options available will largely depend on the clinic chosen. The vast majority of clinics will offer finance packages, allowing patients to spread the cost of the procedure over several months or even years, and it is not uncommon to find 0 percent APR deals.

The typical process with finance packages is that the cost will be spread out over a period that makes payments affordable, although a deposit will usually be required up front. This can vary, but most deposits range between £500 to £1,000. To obtain finance, you will need to work at least 16 hours per week and pass a credit check.

Breast Reduction Surgery On the NHS

Breast reduction surgery is sometimes available on the NHS. In order to find out whether you qualify, you will typically need to book an appointment with your GP and discuss the reasons for wanting the procedure.

It is unlikely that the NHS will perform a breast reduction surgery for purely cosmetic purposes, unless there is evidence that it is contributing towards serious psychological problems. Usually, for the NHS to cover the cost of a breast reduction, there will need to be a medical reason, such as back problems, or an inability to exercise.

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