We’ve found the most interesting facts and statistics about bras, breasts and boob jobs and had our designers create this 10 fascinating facts about boobs infographic.

10 Fascinating Facts About Boobs

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1 – The average bra size in the United Kingdom is 36D. In the United States, 36C is the average bra size. Due to a rise in obesity and an increase in women taking the contraceptive pill, the average bra size in the UK has increased in bot from 34B to 36D

2 – As part of a study done by Alfred Kinsey of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, it was revealed that up to 50% of females had nipples that were erotically sensitive.”

3 – If you’re planning on getting a breast augmentation in the UK, it will cost you anywhere between £3,500 and £7,000. In the US, a breast augmentation costs an average of $3,708.

4 – Annie Hawkins-Turner (also known as Norma Stitz) has the largest natural breasts in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Her bra size is a whopping 52I (US size). The record-winning breasts have an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8cm or 70in.

5 – Have you got different sized breasts? It’s totally normal, in fact, statistics show that the left breast is a substantial 4% larger than the right breast. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that it is normal for breasts to respond differently to fluctuations in oestrogen levels.

6 – The first silicone implant was placed inside a dog named Esmerelda by surgeons Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. They were inserted under the skin, and the procedure went well until the canine began chewing her stitches. At this point, the implants were removed. After the ‘success’ of this procedure, Gerow began looking for women to try the implants.

7 – Inverted nipples are far from uncommon. In fact, between 10% and 20% of women have them, and have done so since birth. This is often caused by shorter ligaments along the milk ducts connecting to nipples, which pull the nipple towards breast tissue.

8 – In 2015, 279,143 people across the United States had a breast augmentation, while the figure in the United Kingdom stood at 9,652. The US figure shows a 2% decline from 2014, but the UK figure represented a huge 12% increase from 2014.

9 – A shocking 80% of women wear incorrectly sized bras; with 70% of females wearing bras that are too small and 10% buying bras that are too large. Most lingerie stores offer free bra fitting, so if you think you’re wearing the wrong size, get measured!

10 – In a survey conducted, a staggering 70% of women were dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts.