It is important to remember that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, and as such your body will need adequate time to recover. Before choosing which date to book in for your surgery, make sure that you are aware of the aftercare needed and that you have the time to heal properly. For example, bear in mind that you are likely to need a week or so off work – or longer if your job is more manual – so ensure that this time is factored in. Also, it is unwise to book the procedure too close to any holidays that you have planned, as things such as sun exposure or wearing unsupportive swimwear could hinder the recovery process.

Once you are sure you have chosen a time for your procedure that allows the adequate recovery time, what can you expect?

Immediate Symptoms After Breast Implants

The first four days following your boob job are likely to be when you will experience the most pain, swelling and discomfort. There is a chance of your incisions bleeding, and some bruising is also likely to show up. During this time, you’re advised to rest as much as possible, taking extra caution not to lift arms too high or carry too much weight as this will put strain on your chest.

After your first four days of breast augmentation recovery, you should be able to lessen your pain medication and bruising should stabilise. There is still a chance of infection and bleeding, so it’s important to still be vigilant in your aftercare and follow your surgeon’s advice on the best ways to clean and dress the wounds.

What to Wear After Breast Enhancement Surgery

Immediately after breast implant surgery, some surgeons will advise patients to wear a surgical bra to help keep the breasts supported, keep dressings in place and protect the tissue. However, others may advise patients against this and instead recommend that you wear nothing but loose-fitting, comfortable clothes in the days following your surgery. This is based on the idea that surgical bras may hold the implants too rigidly, preventing them from ‘settling’ into the body as they should.

Your surgeon will give you their recommendations for immediately after the surgery, but it is generally agreed that after the initial healing process, supportive sports bras should be worn regularly. Some surgeons will recommend wearing one 24 hours a day for up to 3 months after your breast implant surgery.

Exercising After Breast Augmentation

It is common for people to want to get their new shape in the best condition so they can truly show their figure off, so one of the common questions that people ask is how soon after their boob job they can start exercising again.

It is generally advised that all exercise apart from walking should be avoided for the first two weeks while recovering from breast implant surgery. After this time, basic cardio can be reintroduced steadily. Exercises that don’t involve too much impact on the upper body, such as training on the treadmill or exercise bike, are advised. After about six weeks, your body should be healed enough for you to be back to your usual workout routine, though if you experience any pain or discomfort you should seek the advice of your doctor.

Follow-Up Appointments After Breast Implants

Depending on your surgeon and clinic of choice, you may have follow-up appointments for your breast enhancement included in the overall cost of your surgery. During these appointments, your surgeon will be able to monitor your recovery and make sure that your scars are healing well. Before booking in for your surgery, be sure to find out whether you have any follow-up appointments included, and if not, where you can go for advice should you need it.

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