Breast enlargement (also known as breast implants, breast augmentation or a boob job) is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, with an estimated 30,000 carried out each year. One of the key considerations prior to committing to the surgery is the cost of breast enlargement. In the UK, the majority of augmentations are done privately, and so the cost of a ‘boob job’ is quite high.

Average Cost of Breast Implants

The price of breast augmentation can fall anywhere between £3500 – £5500. There are several factors that can affect the cost, including:

where the implant is placed
whether the implant is silicone or saline
the level of aftercare included

Prices of breast augmentation can also vary depending on the location and reputation of the clinic. For example, a very high-end clinic with celebrity clientele can demand a higher price than others.

All of the costings and what exactly is included in the price should be clearly explained to you in your consultation (it is also worth noting that some clinics will charge for the consultation, whereas others will provide it for free). Before agreeing to a pay a particular price for implants, it is essential that you find out exactly what you are getting for your money, such as what aftercare is included. Some clinics will include follow-up appointments and ongoing advice as part of the overall costs, whereas others may charge additional money for these services.

Due to the price of a breast enlargement, many people opt to pay for the procedure on finance.

Are Boob Jobs Cheaper Abroad?

Many women looking for cheap breast implants are now being tempted into having their surgery carried out abroad. Even with the travel costs, having the procedure done in a foreign country can work out considerably cheaper than a book job in the UK.

Prices for breast augmentation around the world varies significantly, with the lowest costs thought to be in Cuba, where women can pay around 84% less than they do in the UK. India is estimated to be 65% cheaper, and Thailand can be 57% cheaper. Those who don’t want to go quite so far from home can still find lower priced implant surgeries in Europe: nearby Belgium and France can be up to 58% and 35% cheaper respectively. Other popular destinations include Spain and Prague.

Saving money on breast augmentation by going abroad may seem like a very tempting option, but it is generally advised against. While the majority of clinics abroad will work to the same standards as those in the UK, foreign clinics are not regulated by the same bodies as British clinics. This means that if something were to go wrong, patients would not necessarily be covered. Having the surgery done abroad also limits your chances of ongoing support and advice, as well as the appropriate aftercare.

Breast Enlargements on the NHS

Women looking for the cheapest breast implant procedure may be tempted to look into whether it could be available on the NHS. Generally speaking, breast implants on the NHS are only readily available to those patients who require them for reconstructive purposes, such as after a mastectomy. Clients who wish for breast implants for cosmetic reasons will usually have to undergo the procedure privately, and so pay the cost associated with this treatment. However, there are some exceptions, and very occasionally women may be entitled to free breast enlargement on the NHS.

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