Increase of Breast Augmentation Procedures in Women Over 40

08 May 2016

This week has seen leading cosmetic surgeon Dr Boris Ackerman from Orange County’s Newport Beach speak out about the growing number of women over the age of 40 seeking cosmetic procedures to their breasts, including breast augmentations and breast lifts.

Why are many leaving breast augmentation till their 40s?

“Many of my 40 plus year old patients simply want their bodies back, many of these women are done with having children, work out hard and eat right but simply can’t achieve their goal without having surgery. The bottom line is that having children and breastfeeding will take their toll on the breasts. Most of the mother’s past 40 say their breasts simply look deflated” says Dr Ackerman.

Traditionally it was thought that it was younger women who were more likely to want breast implants, as it was generally felt that they are far more likely to suffer from breast hypoplasia. Therefore, they want breast implants to improve the size of their breasts and to attain a fuller, more shapely look whilst still looking natural.

However, with many women waiting until later to start their families, the age of 40 is often the the age approximately where they have the first chance to start thinking about breast enhancement. Many may also be concerned about getting breast implants before having children. Whilst there is nothing to be concerned about getting breast implants before having children, it can in a very small number of cases affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed.

Can breast implants interfere with mammograms?

This, says Dr Ackerman is one of the common questions that he hears from his patients over the age of 40. There is generally no need to worry however. Whilst during a mammogram implants may be moved, squeezed and contorted, they should not rupture or become displaced. However, he does warn that women who are having regular mammograms should have their implants replaced if they are more than 10 years old.

The benefits of having breast surgery after the age of 40

The increase in the number of women having breast implants has been highlighted too by the eminent cosmetic surgeon Dr Andrea Moreira of the Cleveland Clinic. She also reports a high level of satisfaction amongst women who have undertaken the procedure. “Women past childbearing age have no intention of spending their later years feeling frustrated by their bodies and most report high levels of satisfaction after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.”