Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Talks About Her Breast Enlargement

29 Apr 2016

Vicky Pattison, star of Geordie Shore and reigning I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Queen of the Jungle has released a video on Youtube opening up about her much publicized breast augmentation operation that she recently undertook.

Pattison, 28 recorded a fitness DVD called 7 Day Slim that was so successful it went all the way to the top spot in the DVD charts. Whilst training and recording the DVD, Vicky, from Wallsend in Newcastle-upon-Tyne lost an incredible three stone and dropped down to a slimline size 8.

However, as much as she loved her new look, it did drastically reduce the size of her breasts which left Vicky feeling self conscious and it was for this reason that she undertook the decision to go under the knife to improve things. Vicky Pattison said:

“Me boobs were never anything to write home about before but after I lost all the weight they were just like lackluster bags of p***….I’d lost all this weight in the gym and was starting to feel really good about me body and the final piece of the puzzle was to get me boobs done.”

Deciding on increasing her breast size was not something that she did lightly, and she spoke with her consultant at great length before deciding to operate about numerous issues including the operation itself and about deciding on the correct implant size.

“I spoke to him at great length, I was probably a bit pedantic to be honest. Over and over explaining I didn’t want these big boobs. In the end I got a 250cc in righty and lefty got a 300cc, so lefty was smaller; poor lefty!”

And Vicky Pattison’s advice for anyone considering a boob job?

“Go for it! I think if you’re thinking about it and you have that seed in your mind then there must be a reason. Also be careful, take your time don’t rush it, don’t be impulsive.”

She also highlights the importance of giving yourself plenty of time to recover after an operation.

“Don’t rush it; have yourself a week on the sofa, eat the Ben & Jerry’s, get your boyfriend to look after you, get your mam to run around after you..get your sister to feed you grapes if you want!”