Can You Get Bigger Boobs by Exercise Alone?

23 Apr 2016

Many women dream of having bigger, perkier boobs and every year thousands of women in the UK have successful breast augmentation procedures. But is there another way?

Nikki DiSanto, fitness expert insists that breasts can be boosted naturally, and it is all about knowing the right exercises and doing them correctly. She has listed three workouts on the YouTube channel Being Fat Sucks that she says will help chisel and improve the look of your cleavage.

The secret apparently is the chest muscles and how they stretch according to Nikki DiSanto:

“You want to think about how the chest muscles are stretching. Basically you have three muscles in there: the lower, the mid and the upper. You really want to focus on the lower as well as the mid. That’s what is going to enhance your breasts and help lift them.”

The three exercises she prescribes are as follows:

The decline chest press

This is where you lie on a weights bench that can be tilted with a hand weight in each hand (as heavy as you can manage). The weights should be lifted with the arms parallel to the floor, pushing them up until they meet in the middle above your head.

The flat dumbbell press

This is essentially the same exercise as the decline chest press but with the bench laid flat rather than on an incline. As before, she suggests you lift the weights with the arms parallel to the floor, pushing them up until they meet in the middle above your head.


These may look easy at first glance but they really work the muscles. Sitting on one side of a bench, with your hands shoulder width apart on it, simply lower yourself up and down, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor.

Do these exercises work?

If you’re looking at a significant or noticeable increase in the size of your breasts then you will almost certainly be disappointed. Exercising your breasts will never increase their size the way that a good breast augmentation will, but if you’re looking at a small but noticeable improvement in the look of your breasts then exercising them can be a great idea.

Because breasts are mainly composed of fat and glands it is impossible to make them bigger without surgical intervention. However, underneath the breasts lies a layer of muscle known as the pectorals. Exercising this muscle group can make them larger which can give

breasts the appearance of being larger and firmer. There is of course the added benefit that exercise in general is excellent for your health.